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Florence Comprehensive Cancer Center, established in 1997 in Istanbul, Turkey, is dedicated to providing exceptional cancer care guided by the principle that “Every Patient Is Special.” The Center is renowned for its patient-oriented approach, ensuring personalized attention from the first consultation.

The Center has managed 8,000 cancer cases, conducted 50,000 chemotherapy sessions, and performed 160,000 radiotherapy sessions to date. It provides comprehensive oncological services across various specialties, including hepatobiliary surgery, breast surgery, neurosurgery, urological and gynecological oncology, and more.

List of Diseases Treated

Brain Cancer


Bone Cancer

Breast Cancer

Blood Cancer

Colorectal cancer

Kidney Cancer

Lung Cancer

Ovarian cancer

Pancreatic cancer

Prostate cancer

Thyroid cancer

Treatment Offered

Medical Oncology

Interventional Radiology

Oncological Psychology

Radiation Oncology


Nutrition and Dietetics

General Surgery

Nuclear Medicine

Gynecological Oncology

Our Experienced Oncologist

Prof. Şefik İğdem, M.D

Radiation Oncology

Dilvin Çelik Ateş, M.D

Pediatric Hematology & Oncology

Prof. Sezer Sağlam, M.D

Medical Oncology

Prof. Çetin Ordu, M.D

Medical Oncology


Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals, a prestigious healthcare institution in Turkey, is internationally recognized for its high standards of medical care and patient safety. The group has achieved certification from the Joint Commission International (JCI), a globally acknowledged authority on healthcare quality and safety.The JCI certification is a testament to the hospital group’s commitment to maintaining rigorous healthcare standards. It involves a comprehensive evaluation of the hospital’s facilities, patient care practices, and overall management. This certification process assesses various aspects such as patient safety, treatment protocols, infection control, patient rights, and the qualifications of medical staff.

Patient Success Stories

Popular Treatment Plans

Location Overview

Choosing cancer treatment in Istanbul, Turkey, can be advantageous for several reasons, including high-quality care, affordability, advanced technology, and a supportive environment. Here are the key factors that make Istanbul an appealing destination for cancer treatment:

High-Quality Medical Care

Istanbul is home to many highly skilled and internationally trained oncologists, surgeons, and medical professionals. Several hospitals in Istanbul are accredited by international bodies such as the Joint Commission International (JCI), ensuring adherence to high standards of care.

Advanced Medical Technology

Istanbul’s hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art technology for diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care. This includes advanced imaging systems, robotic surgery, and modern radiation therapy equipment. Patients have access to the latest treatment modalities, including immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and minimally invasive surgical techniques.


Cancer treatment in Istanbul can be significantly less expensive than in many Western countries, often with no compromise in the quality of care. Many hospitals offer transparent pricing packages, which can help patients manage their finances more effectively.

Accessibility and Convenience

Istanbul’s strategic location makes it easily accessible from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, with well-connected international flights. Many hospitals provide dedicated services for international patients, including assistance with travel arrangements, accommodation, and language interpretation.

Cultural and Historical Appeal

Patients and their families can benefit from the rich cultural and historical experiences Istanbul offers, which can be a comforting and enriching aspect during the treatment period. The city boasts a wide range of accommodations and amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay for patients and their families.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Center offers specialized services in Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Advanced Oncological Imaging, Interventional Oncology, Hepatobiliary Surgery, Breast Surgery, Neurosurgery, Urological and Gynecological Oncology, Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Pathology, Medical Genetics, Oncology Nursing, Nutrition and Dietetics, and Oncological Psychology.
The Center offers a comprehensive range of cancer treatments including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgical oncology, interventional radiology, and personalized medicine approaches based on genetic testing.
The Center utilizes advanced radiotherapy techniques such as True Beam, Rapid Arc, and IMRT (Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy) to deliver precise and effective treatment.
Yes, the Center offers specialized programs for various types of cancer, including breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, and more. Each program is tailored to address the specific needs and characteristics of the cancer type.
After treatment, patients receive comprehensive follow-up care that includes regular check-ups, imaging tests, and monitoring to detect any recurrence of cancer and manage any long-term side effects.
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I had two surgeries with the diagnosis of Breast Cancer. My surgery was performed by Dr. Cengiz Dİbekoğlu. I thank him. I was very sad and devastated when I went to Gayrettepe for chemotherapy, our esteemed teacher Prof. Çetin Ordu, and although the chemotherapy was difficult at first due to the effects of the drugs, I could reach him at any time with his knowledge, interest and care. It is very important. I would like to thank him and his entire team, especially nurse Dilek and nurse Zeynep. They are a nice team that does their job very well. I understood from the first examination and chemotherapy that I was in safe hands. I am glad they exist. May God not show their shortcomings. Thank you very much.
John Doe
John Doe
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It is a hospital whose doctors, hospital staff, cleanliness and hygiene are 4/4. They took very good care of my brother, we cant thank them enough
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For my mom surgery, Dr. We got to know the hospital through Mr. Hamdi Koçer. From the very first entrance, you meet with interest and smiling face at the hospital. The employees working in each different unit are so helpful and good that we are very, very pleased. It is in the hospital that our doctor has chosen wonderfully. Thank you to all the employees who contributed. We were very pleased for their kind behavior.

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