CAR-T therapy for Blood Cancer in Beijing, China – Mohammed Story from Syria

Blood Cancer


Beijing Bioocus International Medical Center in Beijing, China

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Patient Demographic

  • Name: Muhammad (son and caregiver)
  • Mother’s Name: N/A
  • Country of Origin: Syria
  • Medical Condition: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)
  • Initial Diagnosis: 2012
  • Relapse: September 2018
  • Previous Treatments:
    • Chemotherapy (2012)
    • Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant (Post-relapse in 2018)
  • Treatment Sought: CAR-T cell therapy
  • Medical Facility: Lu Daopei Medical Group Hospitals, China

Patient's Treatment Journey

Muhammad, a caring son from Syria, has been by his mother’s side through her tough fight against a type of blood cancer called acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Their difficult journey began in 2012 when his mother was first diagnosed with this cancer. Back then, the doctors decided that the best treatment for her was chemotherapy. She went through this hard treatment and was lucky enough to go into complete remission, meaning the cancer was gone, for five good years.

A Heart-Wrenching Relapse

But in September 2018, their world was turned upside down again. The leukemia came back. This time, the doctors in Syria suggested another round of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. At first, the treatment seemed to be working. But six months after the transplant, the cancer came back again, stronger than before.

They were running out of options. His mother’s body couldn’t handle more chemotherapy. Immunotherapy was the next possible treatment. However, in Syria, because of the ongoing war and difficult conditions, this treatment wasn’t available. Desperate for a solution, Muhammad turned to the internet to find a way to save his mother.

Discovering CAR-T Therapy in China

During his search, Muhammad found that China was leading in a new type of treatment called CAR-T cell therapy, which showed great promise for leukemia patients. Lu Daopei Medical Group Hospitals in China stood out because they had treated over 500 patients with CAR-T therapy since 2015, with a high success rate, especially for cases like his mother’s.

The Journey to China

Filled with hope, Muhammad worked hard to get all the necessary travel documents and visas to take his mother to China. When they arrived at Lu Daopei Medical Group Hospitals, the doctors found that his mother’s condition was very serious. She had a high tumor burden, with 80% of her bone marrow affected by cancer. This made her a high-risk patient. Despite this, the medical team created a detailed treatment plan that included CAR-T therapy and chemotherapy to prepare her body for the treatment.

A Miraculous Transformation

What happened next felt like a miracle. Just 15 days after starting the CAR-T treatment, his mother went into complete remission. The cancer cells were gone, and her tests showed no signs of leukemia. Muhammad was overwhelmed with joy and relief. The CAR-T therapy had worked where other treatments had failed, giving his mother a new chance at life.

Gratitude and Hope for the Future

Muhammad was deeply grateful for the care and professionalism of the staff at Lu Daopei Medical Group Hospitals. From the international center staff to the doctors and nurses, everyone treated them with kindness and expertise. Muhammad expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the people who helped his mother during this difficult time.

Muhammad and his mother’s story shows how powerful advanced medical treatments can be and the importance of never giving up hope. Their journey from Syria to China, filled with challenges and breakthroughs, serves as an inspiration to others who are facing similar battles against serious illnesses.

Beijing Bioocus International Medical Center in Beijing, China

Lu Daopei Medical Group Hospitals collaborates closely with Bioocus Biotech Limited, a leading biotech company in China specializing in cellular immunotherapies. Bioocus Biotech is known for its advanced research and development capabilities, supported by a self-owned research center, GMP facility, CDMO platform, and technology transfer platform. Through partnerships with top universities, research centers, and over 20 hospitals worldwide, Bioocus aims to make cutting-edge cellular therapies accessible globally.

Bioocus Biotech prides itself on its rigorous quality control, being one of the few companies with a qualified cell quality report from the China National Institute for Food and Drug Control (CNIFDC). Additionally, Bioocus offers extensive patient support, including medical tourism services, ensuring that patients like Muhammad’s mother can access affordable and effective treatments.

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