Marie Dueck’s Experience with Stomach Cancer Treatment in Tijuana Mexico

Stomach cancer


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Patient Demographics

  • Name: Marie Dueck
  • Husband’s Name: Henry Dueck
  • Origin: Belize, Central America
  • Initial Diagnosis Date: December 21, 2012
  • Conditions Diagnosed:
    • Stomach cancer
    • Cancer in the pancreas
    • Cancer in the spleen
  • Treatment Facility: Immunity Therapy Center, Tijuana, Mexico
  • Treating Doctor: Dr. Bautista

Patient's Treatment Journey

Marie Dueck, along with her husband Henry, hails from Belize, Central America. In December 2012, Marie began experiencing severe problems with her stomach. Concerned and in search of answers, the couple decided to seek medical advice from Dr. Bautista at the Immunity Therapy Center in Tijuana, Mexico, a doctor they had heard positive reviews about.

Discovering the Extent of the Cancer

On December 21, 2012, upon their arrival in Tijuana, Marie underwent a thorough examination. The diagnosis was alarming: she had cancer in her stomach, pancreas, and spleen. The medical team at the center moved quickly, and by December 26, Marie underwent a significant surgical procedure where 80% of her stomach, pancreas, and spleen were removed. Despite it being the holiday season, Marie and Henry remained hopeful and determined to fight the disease.

The Journey to Recovery

Following the surgery, Marie and Henry stayed in Tijuana for a period to ensure her recovery was on track. The dedication and care from the doctors and nurses were extraordinary, making them feel supported and well-cared for. Marie attributes her healing not only to the medical treatment but also to the emotional support and the sense of community she felt at the center. By mid-February, Marie felt well enough to return home to Belize, equipped with detailed instructions on medications and dietary guidelines from Dr. Bautista.

Continuous Follow-Ups and Additional Treatments

Marie’s journey didn’t end with her return home. In May, during a follow-up visit, the medical team discovered a spot on her liver. She stayed in Tijuana for three weeks to receive treatment, which once again yielded positive results. This cycle of treatments and follow-ups continued, with Marie returning to the Immunity Therapy Center in October for another three-week session. Each visit reaffirmed the importance of adhering to Dr. Bautista’s regimen, including specific medications, dietary changes, and lifestyle adjustments.

Living Cancer-Free

Marie’s dedication to her health and the continuous support from the Immunity Therapy Center paid off. By March of the following year, she was still free of cancer. She continued to follow Dr. Bautista’s recommendations, including the use of B17 injections, probiotics, and other prescribed medications. Over the years, Marie has learned to manage her diet effectively, avoiding sugars and initially eliminating wheat from her diet, although she was later permitted to consume it in moderation.

Reflections on the Experience

Now, more than three years since her initial operation, Marie reflects on her journey with immense gratitude. She acknowledges the ups and downs but emphasizes her renewed energy and ability to work. The Immunity Therapy Center has become more than a medical facility; it feels like a family and a circle of friends. Marie and Henry believe that regular follow-ups were crucial to her recovery and ongoing health. Marie expresses her profound thanks to Dr. Bautista and his team for their unwavering support and effective treatment.

A Message of Hope

Marie’s story is one of resilience, faith, and the power of personalized medical care. Her journey from a severe cancer diagnosis to living a healthy, active life inspires many facing similar challenges. She encourages others to seek comprehensive care, adhere to medical advice, and maintain hope, emphasizing the significance of support from both medical professionals and loved ones.

Immunity Therapy Center in Tijuana Mexico

At the Immunity Therapy Center in Tijuana, Mexico, the focus is on cutting-edge treatments and personalized care. Believing that a positive attitude enhances treatment outcomes, they empower both patients and staff to find healing through hope. Their holistic approach includes customized therapies for both body and mind, ensuring patients are well-informed and comfortable. Founded in 2007 by Dr. Carlos Bautista, ITC offers effective, natural, and less aggressive cancer treatments in a compassionate environment, free from the restrictive regulations of larger hospitals.

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