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We’re dedicated to connecting individuals worldwide with leading Cancer Specialists and support services, empowering you to navigate your cancer journey with confidence.

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About patient : Bette Johnson | Breast Cancer
Treated By :
Immunity Therapy Center, Tijuana,Mexico

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About patient : Sadie Litosky | Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer
Treated By : Immunity Therapy Center, Tijuana,Mexico

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To find providers for your specific type of cancer, visit the “Clinics” option in the top navigation menu of the Cancer Care Global website. Then, use the search filter to select your cancer type and explore the available providers for that specific cancer treatment.

Yes, the providers listed on Cancer Care Global are vetted for quality and expertise. The platform ensures that the healthcare facilities and specialists meet high standards of care and possess the necessary qualifications and experience to provide effective cancer treatments.

Yes, you can schedule appointments with providers through Cancer Care Global. The platform facilitates the process of connecting with healthcare providers and arranging consultations or treatments, making it convenient for patients to plan their medical care.

We provides detailed information about each provider and their treatments, including patient reviews and success stories. This can help you make an informed decision. It’s also advisable to consult with your primary healthcare provider before making any decisions about treatment abroad.

Yes, Cancer Care Global can provide cost estimates for various cancer treatments. By contacting us, you can obtain detailed pricing information to help you budget for your medical care.

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